Motorcycle EFI tester and cleaner  
  Injector service system V-type  
  Injector service system B-type  
  Injector service system A-type  
  Injector service system M-type  
  Injector service system X-type  
  Injector service system IT-Brand  
  Ultrasonic cleaner  
  Auto carbon cleaner  
  Fuel injector  
  Fuel injector service kit  
  • The LCD shows the working situation of each procedure.
  • To test the injector dribbling, blocking, atomization, the injector angle as well as the amount and uniformity at the different running speed.
  • It adopts to united design of microcomputer skill and intelligent engine, and suppose driving power and specified injecting protection system, ensure to operate the test and clean at any mode such as high resistor, low resistor, electric voltage and electric current.
  • Equipped low liquid level and over-high liquid level.
  • With automatic testing liquid recycle system.
     Technical parameters
    Power: 85-132vac/170-264vac 47-63Hz
    Ultrasonic wave frequency: 38-39KHz
    Ultrasonic wave power: 100W
    Rotate speed: 0-9975r/min, step: 25r/min
    Pulse width: 0-30ms, step: 0.1ms
    Count: 0-9975r, step: 25r
    Time: 0-9975S, step: 5S
    System pressure: 0-6.2kg/cO (variable regulated)
    System flow: 4L/min
    Test cylinder: 6 (max)
    Working temperature: -10C-60C
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