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new product
  • Adopt the double fuel pumps.
  • Adopt the blue indicator light.
  • Use the original German express connector.
  • It can check the defects of leaking, blocking, atomization, the angle state of the injector, also the a mount and the uniformity of spraying oil when the Injectors are at different running speed.
  • It can simulate the accelerating or decelerating state of engine ptionally.
  • With exclusive automatic device, it may regulate the current and voltaic
  • Equipped with high-low liquid level indicator.
  • Various conneetors are suit for different types of injectors, including
    standard Hose/Hose/Tail type, K type, TBI type and the customized type.
  • May diagnose the injectors. Quality and injecting uniformity by best the
    minimum open/colse cycle.
  • The back light makes the working state of injectors being shown clearly.
  • Automatic testing liquid recycle system.
     Technical parameters
    Dimensions: 630mmx600mmx615mm
    Weight: 32kg
    Power: 85-132vac/170-264vac 47-63Hz
    Fuel tank capacity: 2.5L
    Test tube capacity: 120CC
    Ultrasonic wave frequency: 38-39KHz
    Ultrasonic wave power: 100W
    Rotate speed: 0-9975r/min, step: 25r/min
    Pulse width: 0-30ms, step: 0.1ms
    Count: 0-9975r, step: 25r
    Time: 0-9975S, step: 5S
    System pressure: 0-6.2kg/cİO (variable regulated£İ
    System flow: 4L/min
    Test cylinder: 6 (max)

       The small part of:  

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