Motorcycle EFI tester and cleaner  
  Injector service system V-type  
  Injector service system B-type  
  Injector service system A-type  
  Injector service system M-type  
  Injector service system X-type  
  Injector service system IT-Brand  
  Ultrasonic cleaner  
  Auto carbon cleaner  
  Fuel injector  
  Fuel injector service kit  
  • Reduce the exhaust emssion more than 70%, recover the engin performance
    and save fule oil.
  • Clear the carbon remains from firebox.
  • Renew the blocked valve and piston ring.
  • TWC can be reused.
  • Improce the stability of racing speed.
  • Eliminate the knock of engine cylinder.
  • The carbon-cleaner with 12V DC power can be provided by ehicles,easy to use.
  • Adopted the E-timing system, the longest single cycle working time is up to 30 minutes, and give a fully reaction monitor.
  • Adopted High and low level gauge tomonitor the gasoline use status, and
    reminded by the instructor lights.
  • It is applied to gasoline, diesel engine, such as MPEI, TBI, CIS, GDI,etc.
    Your vehicle's engine can run 30 minutes without disassemble any parts of engine.
  • Machine oil pressure can be adjusted to the proper pressure of running engine.
  • The carbon remains of firebox, valve, piston rings, TWC can beeliminated
    without disassemble any parts of engine as well as the gluely things in the oil pump.
  • The cleaning liquid has special reaction for eliminating the inert numerator, colophony, dust, paint and gluely by burning.
  • Oil pressure gauge: 0-8kg/sq cm,
  • Meters long 12 V Power supply cable and battery clips.
  • Dimensions: Height: 98.5cm, width: 38CM, Length: 45.5cm,Weight:20KG.
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