Flowchart of precludeing obstacle  
        As the equipment is the independent system of the electronic control part
and the pump control part, so single-system can be
inspected and eliminated
the obstacle:
      I. check electronical controlled parts:
      A. Connect up AC(Alternating Current) 220 V plug, turn on the power switch
and switch lights, then the digital tube dispaly"2000",it shows that it is no
problem of the external AC voltage 12 V input to DC(Direct currentout).
      B. If display no "2000", then no DC 12 V output to the electronic board, it is
proved that the switching power (transformer) in troublesome. (Note: our
company use this transformer with four years, and the pass rate of 99%,
excluding the components fault).
      C. when no work of pump system, according to ¡°auto¡± button connecting l
  fue injector, the fuel injector has a sound of "To date pyridazine" and digital tube
figure changed then it is demonstrated that electronic control system is normal.
      II. check pump control circuit:
      A. Open pump switches, and pumps in the working line, and show hydraulic,
it is proved that pumps and control circuit are normal.
      B. Open pump switches, pumps do not work, no pressure, check the steps
as follows:
      1. Open Pump switch, check cable connections at both ends of fuel pumps,
whether there is a 12 V DC voltage. If with 12V, so pump is short-circuit or burn;
if without 12 V,so the pump switches bad,or switching power output without 12V.
      2. Open Pump switch, check cable connections at both ends of the fuel
pumps, without 12 V, digital tube display "2000", so the pump switch is
damaged, and need to be replaced switches (switch for domenstic production,
may be disqualification. If order by Taiwan production after 15 days arrival).
      III. if the above-mentioned switching power supply (transformer), pumps and
pump switches are normal, the reason must be that exterior electricity system
disturb the chip of equipment itself, preclude the problem.of equipment itself.
      VI. In accordance with the judgement of obstacle, the maximal possibility is
that pumps switch or the pump damaged, when open the pump switch, the
element in a short circuit caused the protection of the internal switching power, no DC 12 V output, So Electronic Control part is not show anything at all.
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