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       We need to adjust the oil pressure before testing the leakage of fuel injector, vehicle hydraulic system can be increased by 10% generally, and must be below the leakage of one drop within one minute , otherwise regard as the fuel injector our of order and needs to be replaced.Pulse width shoud be transferred to12ms and rotational speed should be more than 1,500 RPM while atomization inspection, then the atomization can be clearly observed instead of a jet state or leakage state. Injecting volume of every tube should be the same during idle speed , medium speed and high speed , allowing errors less than 5 % . The fuel injector show problems when the injecting volume is more or less.In the process of Ultrasonic cleaning, we should focus on the angle state of the fuel injection
rather than appearance, the sealing ring, caps at pad removed should
be taken down then cleaned.
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